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Instructions for allowing users to change their e-mail passwords can be found here:

When using Apple devices, you may experience issues where your IP address becomes blocked due to attempts to access port 585 on TotalChoice servers. This is because when Apple Mail is set to automatically detect settings, it periodically examines various ports on the server to see if they are open. On our network we utilize IMAP4 over SSL (IMAPS) which uses port 993, so attempts to access port 585 often leads to our firewall blocking access from your IP address.
To resolve this problem, you should switch to IMAPS or set your mail client to use port 993.

What are Auto Responders?
Auto Responders are e-mails that get sent out automatically when somebody sends an e-mail to a certain address you specify from within the setting in cPanel. These can be useful if you are going on vacation, and want to let people that are e-mailing you know that you are not available right now. They also have 101 other good uses and reasons for setting up. To configure them for yourself, first login to your cPanel. Next you will want to search for the "Auto Responders" link in the box titled "E-mail". Click the link, and there you go!

How do I configure my Auto Responders?
This is simpler than it might look! Once you follow my steps above, you will be lead into a screen that reads at the top, "Autoresponder Maintenance". There you will see a list of e-mail addresses and subject lines for those automatic responses.

To add an Auto Responder to the list, just click "Add AutoResponder". The next screen you get will look much like an e-mail form. Here's what each box means, and what you should put there:
Email - The email address this Auto Responder is for.
From - Enter here your name or email address you want to see as the sender of the message to your Auto Responder receiver.
Subject - This is what you want to show up in the subject line of the auto response e-mail.
Character Set - If required, you can change the character set the message is encoded in. (usually just leave it as is)
HTML Message - Click this box if your Auto Responder is going to have HTML coded into it.
Body - This is the place you put the body of your message at.

Once you have filled all those out you may click "Create" to create the Auto Responder you just set up or "Clear" to start all over again, just in case you messed up somewhere down the line. That's it! Once an Auto Responder is created, you can choose also to edit it or delete it all together, with TotalChoice Hosting the choice is yours!

TCH automatically filters (blocks) certain file types if included as an e-mail attachment. The reason is to protect the end user. Workaround? First "zip" the file(s) you wish to attach as an e-mail attachment.

Here is a list of the files that are blocked:
(?:ad[ep] # list of extns
# |ba[st]
# |chm
# |cmd
# |com
# |cpl
# |crt
# |eml
# |exe
# |hlp
# |hta
# |in[fs]
# |isp
# |jse?
# |lnk
# |md[be]
# |ms[cipt]
# |pcd
# |pif
# |reg
# |scr
# |sct
# |shs
# |url
# |vb[se]
# |ws[fhc])
Instructions for blocking spam can be found here:
Click on “Mail”, click on “Add / Remove accounts”, locate the mail account for which you wish to change the quota and click on the “Change Quota” button next to it. You should be taken to the Change Mail Account Settings page. In the field next to New Quota, enter the new quota of the mail account in megabytes and click on the “Change” button.

In cPanel, the catchall feature is referred to as "default address." Enabling the default address allows any mail sent to an invalid email address to be sent to a particular email address rather than bouncing. This default setting for this feature on our servers is set to ":fail: no such address here" and sends a message back to the sender that the address they sent to does not exist.

If spammers target your domain, and you forward mail to your default address, that address is likely to receive a large amount of spam. For this reason we recommend that our members create either mailboxes or forwarders for each email address they plan to use and never rely on the default address.

For any e-mail accounts that are added via your sites cpanel the username is, using just username will not work.
Basic filtering instructions for spamassasin can be found here:

If you've configured your cPanel hosting account to use the Spam Box feature of SpamAssassin, mail identified as spam will be placed in a spam folder; however, you will not immediately see the spam folder in webmail if you have not subscribed to it.

POP clients (such as Outlook): Your mail program has a way to subscribe to your new folders. Please refer to the help section of your program.

SquirrelMail Webmail

If a spam or junk folder does not already exist, you will need to create and subscribe to it.

  1. Visit the cPanel webmail interface and choose SquirrelMail.
  2. Click on  the Folders link at the top of the page.
  3. Under Create Folder, enter the name for the new spam folder.
  4. Click Create.

If the folder does not automatically list itself in the Subscribe list under the Unsubscribe/Subscribe area, you will need to manually subscribe to the folder by selecting the spam folder and clicking Subscribe.

Horde Webmail

If a spam or junk folder does not exist, you will need to create it.

  1. Visit the cPanel webmail interface and choose Horde.
  2. Click on the Mail icon at the top of the page.
  3. Click on the Options icon at the top of the page.
  4. Under the General Options column, click the Server and Folder Information link.
  5. From the Spam folder drop-down menu, select Create a new Spam folder.
  6. Enter the name for the new spam folder.
  7. Click Save Options.
  8. Click on the Folders icon in the top menu to see the new folder.

The spam folder may not appear immediately in the Mail section of the left column, but should appear there next time you login.

RoundCube Webmail

If a spam or junk folder does not exist, you will need to create it.

  1. Visit the cPanel webmail interface and choose RoundCube.
  2. Click on the Settings icon in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Click on the Folders tab.
  4. Click the + button in the bottom-left corner of the Folders panel to create a new folder.
  5. Under Folder properties, in the Folder name field, type Spam.
  6. Click Save.

You should now see the Spam folder in the Folders panel on the left-hand side of the screen. Be sure that the check box next to the folder name, under the Subscribed column, is selected.

Instructions for setting up yout e-mail client can be found here:
Check your e-mail account name:
When setting up a client e-mail program to retrieve user's e-mail, the e-mail account name entered for all users should be in the form of:

The only exception is the main (admin) account for your web site. The reason for this is that most web sites on TCH on on shared servers, and including the domain name with the username is the only way to make the e-mail account unique.

If you are trying to use Web Mail from your work site, and get a connection refused, your company may have a firewall in place that is blocking port 2095. Contact your company's network administrator for options.
What is a Forwarder?
Once a forwarder is set up, it can be used to automatically forward mail sent to one e-mail address to another. Say I set up a forwarder for and wanted it to go to I would set up a forwarder to deliver all mail from to be delivered to You can also set it up to forward from more than one account. I could have and both set up as forwarders, so they any mail delivered to them would be sent to This will save you from having to set up 10 or 12 e-mail accounts if you are the one handling all of the departments of your web site. To set this up, login to your cPanel then in the box titled "E-mail" look for a link titled "Forwarders". Click that link, then you are ready to configure an e-mail forward of your very own!

How do I configure a Forwarder?
Configuring a forwarder is easier than you might think! Once you clicked the link I talked about above, then you should be lead to a page with the message, "Forwarding Maintenance" where it would then list your current forwarders.

To set up a new forward, all you need to do is click the link that says, "Add Forwarder". From here you see three boxes, with the one in the middle listing your domain name. Do not get scared, we are half way through this! In the first box (the one furthest to your left) put in the first part of the e-mail address you want to be the filter. (from my example, that would be "work") The second box lists the prefix of the e-mail address, it should be alright to keep it as is. (from my example, that would be "") In the last box, you put in the address you wish for this forwarder to direct all the e-mail to. (from my example, that would be "") When you are finished, click "Add Forwarder" and you have done it! Good for you!

How do I delete or remove a Forwarder?
All you need to do to get rid of your forwarder, is to login to your cPanel, click the "Forwarders" link under "E-Mail". Once you are in the "Forwarding Maintenance" screen, click the delete button next to the forwarder you wish you remove or delete. That's it!

Many Internet Service Providers prevent users from connecting to port 25 on mail servers outside their network to reduce unwanted outgoing mail. This may prevent you from sending e-mail through a TotalChoice server.

TotalChoice provides outgoing mail (SMTP) service on port 26 as a workaround. To use this feature, configure your mail client to connect to the SMTP server on port 26 instead of port 25. Alternatively, you may use your Internet Service Provider's SMTP server.
Information about using SSL at TotalChoice can be found here:
Information about Awstats can be found here:
Information on the webmail features provided by TotalChoice can be found here:
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