In order to cancel your account, please log in to your billing account at and navigate to Services > My Services and from this page you can request cancellation.

Alternatively, you can submit a ticket to the billing department with all the required information for cancelling your account.

  • Note: Cancellation requests for Dedicated servers must be submitted 30 days in advance of the renewal date.

TotalChoice does not provide IP based hosting except for the following situations:

  • Dedicated Server Leasing
  • Mail Server Hosting
  • SSL Certificates

If you are placed on a dedicated IP and your email is blocked, this indicates that the block is originating from your actions and we cannot re-issue IP’s after your initial dedicated IP allocation. Email dedicated IP’s are sold per actual IP address and not in blocks of IP’s.

IP’s are sold based on your current hosting subscription.  If you are billing on a monthly plan purchasing an add IP will increase your monthly invoice by $1.00.  If your hosting is billed annually then your IP will be billed at a $12.00 yearly rate.

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