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Changing permissions on folders
Posted by Bill Kish on 16 January 2005 11:47 AM
Usually when you hear about changing the permissions or to CHMOD something, it means that you are changing how yourself and others can access the script, file or folder. Generally it is broken up into three parts:

Reading Ability - Gives them the ability to read the file

Writing Ability - Gives them the ability to write to the file

Execution Ability - Gives them the ability to execute the file

On the other side you have the choice to assign this to a specific group of three:

Owner - Public - Group

For the most part when you are doing these types of actions, the instructions for the file or script will let you know what permissions to assign for the file, folder, or script.

How do you change the permissions? You can do this through your FTP client. For an example, in SmartFTP, once you are logged in, and into your "public_html" folder all you need to do is right-click the folder or file you wish to change the permission of and go down to "Properties/CHMOD".

Now if the script told you the permissions need to be set to "666", then all you need to do is fill in each box towards the bottom of the window that pops up with a "6" or you can check the boxes above till the number have changed to the amounts that you need.

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