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Posted by Bill Kish on 15 October 2004 02:56 PM
What do I need to begin uploading?

First you will need an FTP client, there are many available for both free and purchase, one we recommend is SmartFTP. You can download SmartFTP at keep in mind SmartFTP is a windows only FTP client.

Some other clients available are: (Linux) (Windows) (Mac)
Other FTP programs- Leech, CuteFTP, AceFTP

Enter this Info into your FTP Client.

#1 the IP address of the server to use at the FTP address (The IP should only be used temporarily while the DNS for your domain name propagates, once DNS propagation is complete you should use the domain name)
#2 port 21
#3 cpanelusername
#4 password

Sub Domain FTP accounts Require the user name to be in the form of a email address

#1 Your domain name to use at the FTP address
#2 port 21
#4 password


Where should I upload all of my website files?

All of your files should be uploaded to the folder called public_html
Your main page should be named index.html , index.htm or index.php (all lower case) and placed in the public_html folder.
That file will be the first page people see when they go to your site.

My domain works now, but some of the images on my site are broken. What's wrong?

If your pages are coded to call images like img src=”images/cars/hotrod.jpg” make sure that you have created an images folder in your public_html and then create a cars folder inside the images folder and place your hotrod.jpg in the cars folder.

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